When Blockchain &

Real Estate Meet, Anyone

Can Invest in Canada

Investing in real estate today is difficult, expensive, and challenging, which keeps out the majority of people from participating. As a result, we’ve made it low cost, simple and accessible to everyone.

* Eligible for Canadian residents only at this time.

No Longer Exclusive to the Top 1% Ultra Rich

Everyone Can Now Grow Their Money as Well

Starting With Just $100

How It Works

REITIUM is the simple, affordable and secure way to get started with real estate investing. Our streamlined approach is easy for beginners, yet powerful enough for experienced investors. REITIUM has built a crowdfunding marketplace platform powered by Blockchain as a goal to drive financial inclusion in Canada and the United States.

REITIUM discovers and verifies real estate investment opportunities.

We bring down the cost of capital with low fees and technology which puts more money in your pocket.

We collect the dividends and share the appreciation of the property.

As an investor, you will receive returns (shared rental income after expenses) on your investments and as the properties appreciate, you benefit there as well.

You get paid.

Regularly you will receive a piece of the properties rental earnings (after expenses).

Say goodbye to high barriers to buying real estate. And hello to the future of affordable real estate investing.

Start with just $100 and get the financial rewards of real estate investing without the hassles of home ownership in Canada.


And They Really Hit It Off

Real Estate

It's tangible.

It's impossible to print.*

And it's a proven investment asset that withstands even the worst markets.


It's tamper-proof.**

It allows many to come together.

And it's a proven technology

that retains all the data to please compliance laws

Is this for you?

  • Invest in real estate and earn the dividends and appreciation that was never available before.
  • You select a diversified real estate portfolio that meets your needs on your own terms.
  • Create passive income that was traditionally only available to the ultra rich 1% and get on the property ladder!

Join the thousands of others investing in real estate

that was once unimaginable.

Disclaimer & Risk Warning

Disclaimer & Risk Warning This funding portal is not registered under securities legislation in any jurisdiction of Canada and is relying on the exemption from the dealer registration requirement under this Instrument. The funding portal will hold each purchaser's assets (A) separate and apart from the funding portal’s own assets, (B) in trust for the purchaser, and (C) in the case of cash, in a designated trust account at a Canadian financial institution.

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